Lampblack machine

Programme overview


Lingxin microelectronics 32-bit MCU lcp037a31xs8 based on arm-m0 can flexibly provide customers with non inductive FOC control scheme by relying on professional and unique product definition in the field of non inductive motor vector control. The new self-developed observer algorithm is adopted, which makes the motor run smoothly in full speed and ultra-high speed range, can produce the maximum torque at zero speed, and can accelerate or decelerate rapidly. It has the characteristics of high-precision tracking and strong robustness to the system controller. The program includes adjustable parameters and optional starting methods to adapt to specific loads. The scheme has strong stability and convenient debugging. At present, the maximum basic frequency can reach 3500hz, which has been applied to high-speed vacuum cleaner, high-speed blower, floor sweeper and other schemes.

Scheme block diagram


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experimental result

No load test

Without fan blades, the speed of the motor can reach 35063rpm


On load test

When the air inlet is not blocked, the motor speed can reach 19402 rpm


Start test

Start the fan blade at 4 different positions and check the current waveform





Development learning & mass production kit

- Application package -
  • Schematic diagram of mass production
  • Mass production PCB diagram
  • Debugging documentation
  • Mass production board purchase

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